Danbaul x Style


Danbaul x Style

Danbaul x Style is prefabricated furniture made of reinforced cardboard that does not require bolts or screws. We received a request to create a pamphlet with the launch of the new brand from WiLLiFEE, a company that manufactures and sells coffins made of reinforced cardboard.
The prefabricated reinforced cardboard using the characteristics of reinforced cardboard they used was more sophisticated than what a person would imagine. Using the sophisticated visuals, we wanted to express how cardboard melts into the living as furniture. The pamphlet does not go on to explaining the convenience of the prefabricated cardboard but aims to create communication around the expansion of the possibility of cardboard to be included in our lifestyle.



ウィルライフ株式会社 / WiLLiFE K.K.

Creative direction :Akira Fukatsu

Copywriting :Ayano Ito

Graphic design :Kazuhisa Irisawa

Photo :Keisuke Ono*

* = 社外