This is MECENAT ロゴデザイン

企業による芸術文化支援活動の活発化を目的にして設立された、公益社団法人企業メセナ協議会の認定制度「This is MECENAT」のLogoを制作しました。

Designing of the logo for “This is MECENAT”

Association for Corporate Support of the Arts: Kigyo Mecenat Kyogikai [KMK ] is a Public Interest Incorporated Association supported by corporations, arts and culture organizations and others to promote creation of a society through support of the arts and culture.
By creating an original font that matches with the logo for KMK’s certification program “This is MECENAT,” we have created a consistency through their program. Designed capital M as a motif of a trophy, we valued the elegance of the symbol for a creative society by promoting art and culture.


ハイジ・インターフェイス株式会社 / HYGE Interface Inc.

Designer :Kazuhisa Irisawa