「River 〜A Story of TOKUSHIMA.〜」徳島県 TCI研究所


”River ~ A Story of TOKUSHIMA. ~” TCI Research Institute in Tokushima Prefecture

We created the movie for Tokushima prefecture for their PR for use at Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade fair. Tokushima prefecture had prospered through producing indigo since the Edo period and is still a city of water where the techniques and traditions of indigo dyeing are still inherited. This time, we filmed the process of the production of a collaboration between local Tokushima indigo sources and overseas designers.
The theme of the movie is ‘river.’ Tokushima’s industry begins with a single drop of the river and is handed down to the present age, expressing the craftsmen’s words, history, and town.


株式会社TCI研究所 / TCI Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

Creative direction, Copywriting :Akira Fukatsu

Graphic design :Kazuhisa Irisawa

Movie :Kazunari Tanaka*

* = 社外