neos people × neos Recruiting Site

私たちはneosの魅力を就職活動者だけでなく社内やneos関係者にも情報発信できるツールとしてオウンドメディア「neos people」の立ち上げを提案しました。採用情報は「neos Recruiting Site」で閲覧できます。

neos people × neos Recruiting Site

As Fukairi was requested for a consultation regarding neos' recruitment communication, we proposed the creation of "neos people." This owned media is a communication tool that can deliver attractive information of neos to not only those seeking to work but also for neos' employees and its affiliated members. Recruitment information can be found under "neos Recruiting Site."


ネオス株式会社 / Neos Corporation

Produce :Akira Fukatsu

Planning, Writing :Akira Fukatsu, Ayano Ito

Graphic design :Kahona Inoue

Photo :Tada*, Keisuke Ono*, Shinya Hirose**=社外